Jazz pianist Bruno Hubert is not exactly on a winning streak. He's been ignoring his bills for months and looking for the message in his bottle a lot longer than that. With mounting debt and bar bills exceeding income, it's starting to look like his talent alone won't pay the mortgage.Bruno lives to play music though and he doesn't let a little thing like reality get in the way of his big dreams. These include landing a recording contract with a notoriously difficult record producer and publishing a music magazine. The growing mountain of debt looks a lot better from the bottom of a glass and disappears entirely when Bruno loses himself in his music. Eventually though things go from bad to unbelievable when he returns from an out of town gig to find his home literally being demolished by a municipal wrecking ball.It's all too much even for Bruno and he does a disappearing act that has his band mates looking for him. A number of comic encounters and misadventures ensue and through it all, the jazz stays hot. With a little help from fate and friends, Bruno finally discovers that there may be a way out of the blues after all.